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The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem
(DIM-E). It is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the marketing, public relations, customer care the and oversight of DIM brands (DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies and future DIM denominated coins).

Some of the profits received by the DIM Foundation will be utilised to further improve the brands in order to increase the core value of the ecosystem. The DIM Foundation is registered in Singapore, but regional DIM Foundations can be created if there is enough uptake respective regions.



2018/06/10 | DIM Weekly Update dash

There’s been a lot of activity in the DIM universe with our new campaign — #Go2DIM — to bring three Ambassadors, one Promoter and
one General Investor to a DIM administrative back office in Africa. Thank you to all the participants who have uploaded videos for the
community to vote on. For those who haven’t entered their videos yet, unfortunately, the competition closes today. Voting will take
place tomorrow, and will be open until Friday, 15 June 2018. All entered videos will be uploaded onto our Facebook page, Telegram
and Twitter. Community members can then vote for any video they wish by liking it. The winning videos will be the ones that amass
the most likes across all platforms, collectively. The winners will be announced on Monday, 18 June on all our social media platforms.
Good luck to everyone who entered!

While on the topic of good news, we’re pleased to announce that the DIMWALLET mobile app is in its internal testing stage and will
be given to the Ambassadors for further testing this week. As mentioned previously, this is a beta version of the app being released for
testing. After this, the app will be released on Google Play Store and the community is encouraged to download it and give feedback to
our developers by leaving a review on Google Play. Your input in this regard is greatly valued as it will help us improve our products and
services to you. From your feedback, we will compile F.A.Q’s, which will be incorporated into a future updated version of DIMWALLET.

Also, we implore you to upgrade your wallet from a Basic to a Premium if you have not done so already. We’ve noticed that some of
you who are still using the basic wallet are getting hacked. We have issued many warnings as well as a main communication a while
back regarding this issue, and as such, we want to distant ourselves from being held liable for any loss suffered by users who fail to
upgrade their wallets.

2018/06/04 | #Go2DIM dash

The HYBSE trailer has reached over 1 million views! The name Hybrid Stock Exchange will soon be spoken in all corners of the wor-
ld, the beginning steps to our road of globalization. To celebrate this achievement and to introduce a new wave of transparency, we
would like to announce the #Go2DIM Campaign —

Go2DIM — Prepare for launch!

The DIM Foundation invites 5 individuals on an all expenses paid, 3 day trip to our main administration back office in Africa. These
winners will be made up of 3 DIM Ambassadors, 1 DIM Promoter and 1 General Investor. The Ambassadors and Promoters will be vo-
ted for and chosen by the community while the 1 General Investor will be chosen by the DIM Team. The voting will be done through
Social Media, mainly Twitter.

As you are aware, due to the competitive market we do not prematurely disclose information. For this reason, to show our company’s
culture, we invite these 5 people to learn about the upcoming projects, get to know the team, embrace the team’s vision and to see
the epic growing work force. We believe that this will inspire further confidence in the project and team’s effort.

Submissions     — 11th June 2018
Voting               — 15th June 2018
Visit                  — 5th July 2018 to 7th/8th July 2018
                        (depending on flight yours)


The 3 days will consist of:

     — Office tours
     — HOD presentations for software, security, DIM Ecosystem  and overall vision of the company
     — Q&A Sessions
     — Complimentary accomodation
     — Complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner
     — DIMCOIN Merch package
     — Evening entertainment
     — Full day entertainment for the Saturday, includes a trip to  a famous wild animal park.

Full agenda will be released soon.


How to participate:
              — Submit a 10 second video with the theme of “Choose me because” where you should convince us and the community  on why we should choose you to join us on this once in a lifetime event.
              — Link your video through Social Media with the hashtags,  #Go2DIM #DIMCOIN #HYBSE #Cryptocurrency, and include  the relevant DIMCOIN Social Media pages in the post
              — Try to get a lot of activity (likes, shares, mentions etc.) on said posts


             Requirements if chosen:
              — Full vlog/video diary of your trip/experience (for later editing by DIM Team)
              — Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
              — Keen interest in the DIM Ecosystem
              — Good manners and an open mind

2018/05/27 | DIM Weekly Update dash

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we would soon be releasing DIMPAY. We would like to adjust this information positively. We are
releasing two apps. DIMPAY and DIMWALLET are soon to be released mobile applications in the DIM Ecosystem. DIMPAY, however,
will be released much further down the line, while DIMWALLET will be released in the near future for testing, both applications will
initially be the same in terms of user interface, functions and features. The main difference is that the user interfaces will be themed
differently. Over time, both applications will evolve to be unique as users of both applications recommend improvements. The appli-
cations will receive similar updates with regards to security features and performance updates. However, their functional updates will
be different.

We are also pleased to announce that the previously advertised Chief Ambassador Officer (CAO) vacancy for the region of South
America has been filled. The primary responsibilities for this critical position include making major corporate decisions, managing
the overall operations and resources of the other Ambassadors in that region, as well as acting as the main point of communication
between and corperate operations. The CAO will also be responsible for co-ordinating meetings with Ambassadors and campaigning.

Of course, that is not the only position that has been filled in the organisation. Our team of employees has expanded in the areas of
marketing, as well as software development and I.T.

And speaking of growth, we are grateful to everyone in our community who is helping to raise votes on Bit Z. Your participation de-
monstrates your vested interest in the strength and growth of the DIM Ecosystem, which is the focus of our own efforts on a daily
basis. In fact, since the Initial Coin Offering last year, we have invested in business solutions for growing the DIM Ecosystem, financing
Ambassadors and software development. A significant investment has also been made towards administrative functions and legal ser-
vices. These are all necessary investments in preparation for HYBSE and so that we can give out the white label. Our primary goal is
to grow the DIM Ecosystem and DIM Foundation. Companies and equity is the next phase of goals that are in the test phase of using
DIM Currencies.

As part of that progress, please be informed that the fiat crypto exchange is in its final assessment.

2018/05/20 | How to vote for DIMCOIN to be
listed on BIT-Z (TOP 10 exchange by volume!)

The new Hybrid Stock Exchange Trailer is now available on

We have created an opportunity for users or issuers to join the pre-registration list before the launch of the landing page. The community is encouraged to share this trailer and spread the word
of the upcoming landing page.

For any additional information, email [email protected] or follow any of our DIMCOIN social media platforms:


2018/05/20 | DEPOTWALLET Update dash

As mentioned last week, the DEPOTWALLET version 1.5.1 is now
live. The Safari browser is now operational and users should have
no problems with using DEPOTWALLET from an Apple device.

The HYBSE video trailer has over 50 000 views with more coming
every day. A positive response can be seen from the community and
new members. Since the pre-registration was opened, we have seen
almost 400 users and over 20 issuers apply. The issuers will be sent
an email to apply for their IBIN.

Due to popular demand, the HYBSE blueprint is now complete and
issuers can view the requirements needed for listing on the Hybrid
Stock Exchange. The short version looks like this:

The longer, more detailed version is available upon request by an

Regarding exchanges, the voting to get DIMCOIN onto Bit-Z will be-
gin tomorrow. Bit-Z has a daily volume of over $200 million and is
ranked in the top 10 exchanges on Coinmarketcap, above Polionex
and Bittrex. For this, we encourage and ask the community to help
us get here by voting and spreading the word to get more people to
participate. We have only one week to get 2,000,000 Vote coins with
each person being limited to 1000 Vote coins.

If by the end of the week, we reach the goal, then 5 000 000 DIM-
COIN will be split between the participants. If not, everyone will get
their Vote coins returned to them.

We have hired an additional team member for the listing depart-
ment to help get DIMCOIN onto more exchanges. This team mem-
ber will work directly with our listing expert.

The Ambassador applications have been re-opened. This decision
was made due to an expected increase in interest for HYBSE. Anyo-
ne is welcome to apply on the DIM Foundation website


Furthermore, the Chief Ambassador Officer (CAO) for the region of
South America is still open. This position stands as the highest-ran-
king Ambassador for that region, and their primary responsibilities
include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall
operations and resources of the other Ambassadors in that region,
and acting as the main point of communication between the DIM
Foundation and corporate operations. The CAO will be responsible
for coordinating meetings with ambassadors coming up with cam-
paign ideas and ways to get companies to list onto HYBSE.

To apply for the CAO position, kindly email [email protected]



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