The DIM Ecosystem was created in such a manner that all the segments (entities) can function independent of each other while remaining interconnected – a revolutionary step in the crypto-data industry. Each company is an independent legal entity but they all fall under one umbrella group. Most companies only offer individualised services.

Rarely do they offer multiple services in the form of an ecosystem. The DIM Ecosystem is one of its kind and has ample growth opportunities. Early backers and enthusiasts will position themselves to be part of the next generation of blockchain financial offerings.


Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE []) is an online stock exchange platform that offers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a platform where they can seek and access international capital from investors. It is an online financial platform where buyers and sellers meet for exchange purposes. Users can trade digitalized currencies, securities and commodities. HYBSE was programmed and developed under the guidance and advice of a group of financial and software specialists formerly employed at one of the major stock exchanges. With HYBSE’s programming, the latest technology was fused with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers.

HYBSE is currently migrating to the blockchain protocol, since it has decided to provide trading in digitalized assets.


The DIMCOIN is a speculative digital coin that is available worldwide. It is built upon the NEM blockchain protocol, making the coins low-cost and transparent. The coins contain high confirmation speeds and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activities. The DIMCOIN has a quantity commitment of 9 billion coins with an initial price of $0.01 each.

The DIMCOIN will be available on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and will be permitted to float and be traded p2p. The price of the DIMCOIN will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell DIMCOIN using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


DEPOTWALLET is a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet that permits users to buy, sell, manage and hold DIM Cryptocurrencies and cryptonised assets. These securities can be accessed globally via computers and hand-held devices.

Users do not need to have a bank account to set-up a DEPOTWALLET account. The wallet is free to download from the DIMCOIN website, HYBSE and DEPOTWALLET websites. After downloading the wallet, they can create an account and receive a private key and password, giving them access to the wallet.