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Eligible DIM TOKEN holders were paid out on Friday 29th of June. There was a total of 833443.029053 DIMCOIN distributed amongst all 50+ DIM TOKEN holder wallets.

The voting structure that was mentioned before is in its final stage of testing and will still be implemented. Below are the details of the second DIM TOKEN holder payout:

Payout start date: 29/06/2018
Payout end date: 30/06/2018

Total 50+ DIM TOKEN holders: 6692
Total Levy amount: DIM 833443.029053
Total Payout amount: DIM 250032.908716
HYBSE account: DIM 333377.211621333
DIM Foundation: DIM 250032.908716

Excluded Accounts:
Reason for exclusion: This account has been hacking DIMCOIN basic wallet holders multiple times.

Please remember to never send your DIM TOKENs to exchanges as they are not eligible for payouts.

Exchanges with DIM TOKENs:


This amount will start growing gradually as more companies register on the HYBSE and/or adopt DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies within their systems. The expansion of the DIM Ecosystem will benefit
DIM TOKEN holders more and more.

Regarding the fee structure for DIM TOKEN holders, a new graphic (see below) has been created to clarify the structure for the payouts.

Lastly, as some have already noticed, Richard Lendrum is no longer our Head of Communications and his photo has been removed from the DIMCOIN website. Mr. Lendrum is still involved with the project
as a whole and still believes in our vision.

Last week, the DIM Ecosystem Update and DIM Ecosystem Whitepaper were released, and we just want to thank you all for your feedback.

Please be aware that from now on, DIM updates will be posted monthly, instead of weekly. This decision was taken based on feedback we got from the DIM Midyear Update, which reflected the general
feeling that most people prefer a comprehensive update rather than getting it in bits and pieces. We will, however, post information and announcements on the platform whenever the need arises.

The DIM Africa back office is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our #Go2DIM winners! We are glad to have the opportunity to host them, so that they may have a better understanding of our organisation.

Dear Community,

There was a wording inaccuracy in the recent DIM Ecosystem Whitepaper on page 13, under figure 5. It was written “DIM Token holders with 50 or more tokens will receive 30% net profit portion of the col-
lected fees”. Please note that it should have been written as “30% of net transaction fees” as originally stated in the DIMCOIN Whitepaper.

Thank you to the members that pointed this out, we will edit and re-upload the DIM Ecosystem whitepaper.

As expected, below is the DIM Midyear Update and latest DIM Ecosystem Whitepaper:

DIM Ecosystem Whitepaper:

DIM Midyear Update:

For any queries or questions, kindly email [email protected]

The #Go2DIM campaign has created a wonderful buzz in our community! Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who voted. Your votes have been tallied and we are pleased to announce to
you our winners:

Zura — @zedela
Wasi — @Wasimalik
Ineff — @IneffableKoD
CryptoMatt — @cryptomatt83
Garett — @Grsalter01

Congratulations to you all! The DIM team in the administration back office in Africa is looking forward to hosting you. The winners will be spending two days in July in the back office, where they will
have an opportunity to see for themselves the work that goes into the DIM Ecosystem and also ask questions so that they can go back and give clarity and re-assurance to the greater community.

We are also pleased to inform you that we have created 1 billion DIM:EUR, for which and through which we are constructing the architecture for DIM Currencies to pave the way for a non-volatile,
secure coin. 

Also, please be aware that on Wednesday 20 June, the DIM Ecosystem Midyear Update and the DIM Ecosystem Whitepaper will be released, which will hold the latest information regarding HYBSE.