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The DIM Foundation is proud to announce the addition of the Ambassador initiative.

Who will qualify to be an Ambassador?
An individual with strong financial experience, excellent communication and inter-
personal skills. The ideal candidate has a strong network and exceptional social skills.

What will Ambassadors do?
Ambassadors will serve to promote the DIMCOIN to customers in a chosen region for
the duration of no less than 24 months (2 years).
They shall become a preferred figure regarding press and communications regarding
the DIMCOIN in their respective country. The Ambassador will become part of the
Global Ambassadors Network of the DIM Ecosystem.

The Ambassador will attend and arrange business meetings as well as conduct pre-
sentations for the growth of the DIM Ecosystem and its community.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?
• Being a part of the DIM Foundation family
• The Ambassador shall receive DIMCOIN equivalent to the market salary of your country
• The Ambassador will become part of the global ambassadors network and a recognised
figure in the DIM Ecosystem

How can I become an Ambassador?
Visit the DIM Foundation website at and follow the prompts in
the new Ambassador section, from which you can download the new forms and either
upload them directly to the DIM Foundation team, or email it to a correspondent at
[email protected]

We look forward to receiving submissions from prospective Ambassadors into the
DIM Community.

Contact for more information:
Customer Care
[email protected]


Q  Are the deposits on HitBTC fixed?  
A   Not really - some are working but some are still not. We will update the
community when we have a definite answer.

Q   Can you deliver an updated roadmap for 2018? 
A   Yes, we can - this will only come a bit later in the year once we have reached     
certain goals, and then we can better outline the rest.   

Q   I really enjoy the idea of DIM and think the current price of DIMCOIN         
is way under it‘s worth. Could you announce exact steps you will take to re    
build the trust with your PR and communication?

A   Great question - this is definitely coming in the very near future. We will         
have a constant team member on Telegram as well as a new communication     
structure. This is currently ongoing. There are plans to better our PR and         
communication as we are aware this is a must.    

Q    What is the exact number of coins in circulation?
A    2,107,311,537

Q     Is there any chance that DIMCOIN will be supported by Ledger Nano S         
Hardware Wallet? In my opinion this will definitely increase user’s confidence     
in the whole project.
A   Its still an option. We will go with the hardware wallet that best suits the         
participants and ourselves.   

Q    DIM TOKEN holders get 30% transfer fee of total. When will this happen?
A     You can see the countdown here:

Q     Is there a Bitfinex listing? If so, which month / year?
A     There are various listings planned for this year - We can only say which and     
when when we have a definite answer.
Q    I have two payments I sent to HitBTC I used payment ID. Its been two weeks     
and my coins haven’t shown up I have contacted HitBTC support numerous     
times that hasn’t helped what do you suggest I do?
A  We are in communication with HitBTC to get solutions for problems such as     
yours. Please be patient and we will update the community as soon as we can.  
Q     Will the 30% transfer fee be added to my Depotwallet automatically or will I     
have to do something in order to claim it?
A    Automatically. We will scan the wallet addresses and see who holds more than     


Q -  Where do we stand in accomplishing our goals? Are there any major     
obstacles in the way at the moment? Also, how do you think we will     
stay ahead of any competitors?    

A - There are not only decisions made on the release date but also         
negotiations within and about HYBSE and its capabilities for         
bringing more to the table than we ever thought was possible.         
These possibilities are currently undergoing stress tests.

Q -  If the HYBSE exchange isn‘t going to be ready for six months, why     
are you delaying adding DIMCOIN to exchanges considering your     
ICO finished in August 2017?

A -  There are not only decisions made on the release date but also         
negotiations within and about HYBSE and its capabilities for
bringing more to the table than we ever thought was possible.

Q -  Why was there a newsfeed warning users about security?         
Was there a security breach?

A -   No, there was no security breach. We simply encourage everyone to     
use the most secure and free option on             
Prevention is the first step towards total security.

Q -  Why is the VIP wallet price so high? Please justify your pricing.

A -  Not only do we back-up your wallet, we manage it, and this requires     
a great level of financial and professional care.

Q -  Apparently the company has a system that can identify the         
DIM TOKEN holder from the non token holders. Is this system active     
yet? Because there‘s been some payment issues in regards to the     
DIM Foundation.

A -  No, it is not active yet. The system development is in its early stages,     
we will begin testing soon.

Q -  I am a spanish speaking person and I struggle to understand the     
Spanish version of the DIMCOIN website. Please can you improve on     
it? Also when is the spanish version for DIM Foundation coming?

A - Yes absolutely, thank you for bringing awareness to the translation.

Q - Is DIMPAY gonna allow exchanges between altcoin or just         

A - Altcoins and BTC will also be tradeable.

Q - The first monday in every month, there will be a CEO talk.         
Is that for members and DIM TOKEN holders only, or for everyone?     
Also, which CEOs will be featured?

A - This will be for everyone in the DIM community to participate in.     
The featured CEOs will be Mr. Raymund Scheffler, CEO of Hybrid     
Stock Exchange and Mr. Horst Bennin, CEO of WISE Consulting.

Q - Has there been any new recruitment since the departure of         

A - Yes, we have recruited many more developers as well as the new         
CEOs of HYBSE and WISE Consulting.

Q - In which currency will DIM TOKEN holders with +50 DIM TOKENs     
be paid? DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies or DIM TOKENs

A - These dividends will be paid out in DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies.

Q - I am travelling to South Africa next year and I would like to visit         
the new office. Is this possible and can I book an appointment with     

A - We do not usually accept clients. However, there will be more         
and more events in many countries that everyone is invited to         
attend. Also, TOKEN holders and DIM Foundation members will be     
invited to events.

Q - There are a lot of companies out there copying what you are doing,     
how do you plan on dealing or competing with those companies,     
and what is your competitive advantage?

A - This is competitive secret, if we reveal this information then we are     
at a disadvantage.

Q - I am a deaf person that would like to find out more about DIMCOIN.     
Could you please add subtitles to the youtube video?

A - Yes, this has been mentioned in the previous marketing

Q - Is it possible to stop making updates on Social Media platforms         
using Jpeg images, they are hard to read and to translate.

A - If you wish to have the text of the updates, ask any one of our support     
platforms and we will send you a PDF. Alternatively, Google has an     
application which allows users to translate jpeg ‘images’ into other

Q - Will DIMPAY be integrating passcodes, fingerprint or even facial     
ecognition in the app?

A - We are looking into the possibility to secure DIM with offline        
/hard wallets.

Q - How can I delete my DEPOTWALLET account?

A - A DEPOTWALLET account cannot be deleted. Instead, funds can be     
moved to a new wallet address. If you purge your cache, delete your     
wallet file, and forget your password, your wallet will be lost - but not     

Q - A DEPOTWALLET account cannot be deleted. Instead, funds can be     
moved to a new wallet address. If you purge your cache, delete your     
wallet file, and forget your password, your wallet will be lost - but not     

A - Yes, the membership will be automatically de-activated.             
Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Q - Before making the transfer in my Depotwallet, there is a message     
section where I can send the receiver a text along with my payment     
of DIMCOIN. Why does the amount change when I type a message?

A - NEM technology functions as such, more fees are needed in order to     
send a longer message. This is to prevent spamming in the network     
and is an extra security measure.

Q - If you hold more than 50 DIM TOKENs and sell them before January     
doyou still get the bonus?

A - If you sell your TOKENs and do not hold more than +50, you will not     
qualify for the payout.



The DIM Foundation is proud to announce the update and redesign of the
DIMCOIN website.

To have a look at the new DIMCOIN content, follow the link below:

For more information, or if you have an inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]


The safety of our community and their investment is of utmost importance to
us, therefore we aim to continuously upgrade and improve security measures in
regards to DIMCOIN and the DEPOTWALLET system.

A strong, random password with no less than 60 digits is recommended at
all times, therefore we encourage all investors to upgrade to the Premium
DEPOT WALLET with enhanced security settings. For example, a sentence such
as „hmm I wonder if I need special wheels to drive my lambo on the moon“
would work, or simply copy and paste your existing password five times.

The upgraded Premium DEPOTWALLET requires a login key file for the user
to access the account in addition to the strong password, offering the highest
level of security, while the account cannot be accessed without this key file.

As the previous basic DEPOTWALLET did NOT require a login key-file, the
safety measures have been strengthened in combination with the password.
For those who have been using the previous DEPOTWALLET, you can now
open a new premium account in 5 simple steps. All funds may be transferred
to this new wallet to ensure these higher security measures with immediate

Furthermore, during this process, it is strongly recommended to back-up your
key file in multiple offline locations in addition to writing down the password
on a piece of paper for safekeeping, during the account opening process.

Should you have questions please contact our DEPOTWALLET support team.
For those who do not want to manage their own account, the VIP DEPOTWALLET
is simple to use, where a dedicated team take care of all the steps for you to
avoid the loss of important information, at a given fee.


Contact for more information:
Customer Care