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2018/03/22 | DIM NOTICE dash

DIM Notice

To maximize marketing exposure, based on research, the DIM Team has decided to change the weekly updates to
Monday instead of Friday.

This change will take effect this weekend, which means the weekly update is now scheduled for Monday 26th of

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

DIM Team

2018/03/15 | DIM WEEKLY UPDATE dash

DIM Weekly Update

Inside DIMCOIN is the latest video developed by our team to get a closer look at the inner workings here, in our
offices. In this video we will be speaking to some of the Managing members at DIMCOIN and showing the office
where we all work. Follow the link to watch this video:

This week we saw the expansion of our offices to facilitate some new Developers who have joined our team, and
those that will be joining us going forward. This growth of the DIMCOIN family is a welcome reminder that we are
ever evolving to improve our ecosystem.

Our Listing team continues to work on getting DIMCOIN onto more and more exchanges to broaden the DIMCOIN
reach. While we are in constant talks with various exchanges, we will continue to keep investors informed as and
when we have secured our place on a new platform.

We are also happy to report our community is growing steadily, rounding on 3000 Telegram members, 56 000
Facebook and 32 000 twitter followers. We thank our Participants for being a part of our ever growing community.

For any questions or queries, please contact:
[email protected]

2018/03/08 | DIM WEEKLY UPDATE dash

DIM Weekly Update

This week’s update introduces the new DIMCOIN CTO, Klaus Heeder. Mr Heeder brings 25 years of experience in
Telecommunication, Computer Science and Technology, forming partnerships with Telcos, Technology companies
and the aviation industry. He has built and managed teams for core technology development, applied technology
and consumer based technology and ran business divisions amounting to $300 million annual revenue. He holds
an extensive network of relationships at the highest levels of tech and business executives.

Klaus has worked for global leaders such as AT&T, Vodafone and Société Internationale de Télécommunications
Aéronautiques (SITA) as well as with the Digital Advertising community as Head of Technology for German Ad
Delivery for the IAB (International Advertising Bureau). Klaus is fluent in German, Spanish and English. He studied
Computer Science and European Business Administration.

In conjunction with the above, DIMCOIN is looking to compile a group of white-hat hackers or proficient computer
experts who can help us test our security by attempting to breach it. These individuals will be paid a handsome
bounty once they show how the breach was done. For more information, email [email protected]

Furthermore, Exrates has been added to the list of exchanges that DIMCOIN is on. Exrates offers strong security and
ease of use with its convenient interface. We aim to keep this momentum going with more listings to come.

Regarding DIMPAY, we are all aware how the major clearance facilities, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX have all
distanced themselves from the Crypto world and this put an unforeseen delay in our DIMPAY plans. That said, we
are working on alternatives and when the time is appropriate, with sufficient information, we will bring this to your

2018/03/01 | DIM WEEKLY UPDATE dash

DIM Weekly Update

As we start the 3rd month of the year, it’s important to keep our community abreast of our exciting developments
and updates.

The dimexplorer has been tested and completed. This will provide not only greater efficiencies, with participants
being able to view any wallet address, it also demonstrates our journey to total transparency. To use the
dimexplorer, please follow this link:

Secondly, we’re pleased to announce that we are in the process to be listed on a new exchange — BTC Alpha. This
exchange supports both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading. They are currently testing the withdrawals and
deposits, so it is only a matter of time. To find out more, visit their website at:

On that note, DIMCOIN is always looking to feature on more exchanges and expand its reach, and you can help. By
voting on Lescovex which is a trading platform, it will help get DIMCOIN on the top of the list. Votes are limited to
50 per day (24h period). Vote for DIMCOIN to join Lescovex here:

Additionally, the DIM Foundation forum is now live. Participants are encouraged to pose questions, interact with
community members and spark discussions. Create an account by following this link:

DIMCOIN Promoters have just completed their first month of assisting the community on social media platforms.
Participants are still encouraged to apply to: [email protected]

In conclusion we are pleased to be moving forward with the roll out of our strategy.


DIMCOIN Releases its rolling Bounty Campaign.

This quarter DIMCOIN introduces its first ongoing Bounty Campaign, seeing participants from all spheres of
expertise applying their skills and abilities to the development of the DIM and DIM Ecosystem.

This exciting incentivised bounty will see the DIM Community pull together to assist in a range of departments,
from coding to creative, where they can use their skills and talents to earn DIMCOIN — with a quarterly 1BTC prize
for the best developments.

There are strict rules and responsibilities for each participant, so it’s important to ensure you follow the guidelines
very carefully. To find out more about our various bounties and their incentives, visit
php? and follow the guidelines laid out for participants.

We welcome our bounty participants for the upcoming year, and are excited to hear from you.