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Q -    When will DIMCOIN be listed on the Exchange?
A -   DIMCOIN is planned to be listed on major exchanges towards the     
end of Q4 - 2017   
Q -     At what rate will it be sold on the coinmarketcap?
A -     This will be determined by the market but based on current details,     
it will start at $0.04
Q -     How much money was raised up until this point?
A -     Approx. $14 million. We say approx., because we are selling the         
DIMCOIN privately to new participants and there are fluctuations     
with cryptocurrecyrates.    

Q -    Who is the new DIMCOIN CEO? 
A -     With the changes, DIMCOIN itself, will not have a CEO because we     
realised our structure, much like the industry itself, is a             
decentralised one. We will have CEOs of the various components of     
our Eco system, hence have appointed a CEO for WISE Consulting     
and HYBSE. The DIM Foundation will oversee DIMCOIN, will be     
run by a board of directors with input from the participants.
Q -   Is DIMCOIN ever going to be integrated with the rest of the cryto-    
A -   Most definitely      
Q -    When will the new DIM Foundation website go live?
A -   November 2017 

 Q -     Why are we proceeding to list on the exchanges before HYBSE is fully     
functional and has 50+ companies?

A -     Currently we believe the demand of the participants drives         
DIMCOIN towards staying in accordance with the listing dates,         
as promised in the Whitepaper.
Q -      What is the difference between the new and old Depotwallet         
apart from the design? Can we expect advanced features?

A -   The new Depotwallet is more user-friendly for newcomers within the     
crypto- industry. It has been re-designed in accordance with HYBSE.     
The new Depotwallet will therefore allow you to easily purchase,     
store and manage cryptonized securities from HYBSE. Novel features     
are on their way that will be introduced when DIM PAY is introduced     
into the DIM Ecosystem.

 Q -   What will happen to the unclaimed and unsold DIMCOIN and DIM     
A -  They will go back to the DIM Foundation as stated in the whitepaper.

Q -    When will the payout structure for +50 TOKEN holders begin?  
A -   End of January 2018

Q -    Is the change of CEO going to impact the delivery roadmap set out in     
the whitepaper?Will the timeline remain unchanged? 

A -  The upgrade of executive management will not impact the delivery     
roadmap, it will only enhance it.   
Q -    What will the value of DIMCOIN be if it is listed with no functioning     

A -     The value of DIMCOIN will depend on market forces. Please note     
that most of the coins listed do not offer an ecosysten yet still hold     
value. The ecosystem is merely an addition to the value of DIMCOIN.
Q -    US investors still do not have access to the website. When will the     
website be unblocked as the ICO has now ended? 

A -    Unfortunately, US citizens will not be participating going forward.     
For those that already have, we are following a legal process to         
address the next steps.
Q -    How will the DIM foundation be able to keep paying token holders in     
the future? If the number of DIMCOIN is fixed, will the DIMCOIN not     
run out? 

A -    Token holders earn a percentage of all transactions. DIMCOIN are     
limited and hence the market forces will dictate these prices.
Q -  Once on the exchange, the price for the DIMCOIN will be $0.04. Can     
the price of DIMCOIN drop below 0.04 - theoretically? 
A -    Theoretically, yes. Like any trading the market forces will determine     
Q -    Regarding HYBSE, the whitepaper mentioned that 50 companies will     
be listed. Approximately how many companies are we looking at?

A -   Currently, we have more than half of the pre-reserved companies on     
our list. However, we will start with a few and then gradually increase.  
Q -     Is there an easy way to get on to the mailing list (newsletters)? I have     
DIMCOIN and DIM TOKENs but I am not receiving any updates or     

A -     The new DIM Foundation website will have an easy access subscrip    
tion system where you will be updated with the latest news via email     
and on the website itself.
Q -     Is there a marketing plan/strategy that will be applied this year, prior     
to exchange listings?

A -     Yes, we have a marketing plan for DIMCOIN. It is similar to the         
marketing plan of the pre-ICO which has proven to be successful.
Q -     Once DIMCOIN is listed on the major exchanges, how many         
DIMCOIN will be in circulation?

A -     All the DIMCOIN that was sold during and after the ICO

Q -      Is there any chance of implementing a 2FA (Two Factor             
Authentication) on the DEPOWALLET update for extra security mea    
A -     Yes, we are looking at different options that suit the DEPOTWALLET.

Q -     Are we able to harvest DIMCOINs?
A -     No

Q -    Which algorithm is DIMCOIN using? Is it the same as NEMs PoI?
A -    Yes 

Q -   Will the TOKENS also be on the exchange or only DIMCOINs?  
A -   TOKENS will only be tradable once HYBSE is fully functional

Q -    Is one able to store DIMCOIN and DIM TOKENs on a hardware wallet? 
A -    Yes, it is possible. We are currently waiting for the offical announcement from the provider we will be using.
Q -    Is one able to trade DIMCOIN for DIM TOKENS? Or vice versa?
A -    Yes

DIMCOIN. Tomorrow. Today.
Contact for more information:
Richard Lendrum
Head Of Communications        



Dear Participants,

It is finally here – our new DIM Foundation website:!

The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem. Its functions
include the digitization of assets and the creation of future products and
services under the DIM copyrights. All profits received by the DIM Foundation
will be utilized to further improve the DIM Ecosystem in order to increase
the acceptance, use and value of the DIM on a global scale.

Furthermore, you will find all the latest news published there at

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you see any further areas for
improvement. We highly appreciate your feedback. It will help us improve
our ability to serve you and other users of our websites.

Richard Lendrum

DIMCOIN. Tomorrow. Today.
Contact for more information:
Richard Lendrum
Head Of Communications

2017/10/31 | OFFICIAL NEWS dash

In keeping with the previous communications, as well as the Company Project Plan, we have contracted with German developers for the continuation of the development of HYBSE. This process commenced as of Friday 20th October.

The development and conversion of the HYBSE to a Blockchain site is underway and we envisage this to be a 6 month project. We will continue to update you accordingly.


Richard Lendrum

Contact for more information:
Richard Lendrum
Head Of Communications

2017/10/24 | DEPOTWALLET RELAUNCH. dash



Dear Investors and interested persons,     

It is finally here – our new DEPOTWALLET:! Thank you for your patience while we have been working hard on the new wallet. We are happy to present you with significant improvements today.

The redesign of the DEPOTWALLET focuses on usability, functionality and user-friendly structuring of the content. All basic functions have been optimised and it is now much easier to send and receive DIMCOIN and DIM TOKENs. We have added a clearly structured, fixed navigation bar which provides quick access to our webpage’s features, tools and functions.

Further improvements have been made in the following areas:

1) The design is brand new and the DEPOTWALLET is now also available in a mobile version.
2) New functions such as QR code, key file download and copy of addresses are available via the dashboard.
3) Fees for XEM and DIMCOIN and DIM TOKEN transfers have been significantly reduced and are now approximately 20 times lower.
4) The listing of transactions has been simplified and contains a direct link to the block explorer.
5) The account opening procedure has been completely redesigned.
6) A VIP wallet for beginners and people with little experience and crypto knowledge has been introduced.
7) We have established a new security level for basic wallet passwords with a 40-character minimum instead of 20.

We are proud that the new DEPOTWALLET successfully combines the visual clarity and reliability of online banking with blockchain technology. And we hope you like it as much we do!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you see any further areas for improvement. We highly appreciate your feedback. It will help us to improve our ability to serve you and other users of our websites.

Best wishes

[email protected]

2017/10/11 | OCTOBER UPDATE dash


Dear DIM Community

We would like to establish a new way of communication, by sending a newsletter with all the necessary updates for each month. Further more, our social media and customer care teams are always happy to answer questions and give help if needed.

It has been a busy few weeks for the whole DIM team. Our focus is on development and establishing long-term structures and processes. Within the first few days of November we will launch the DIM Foundation website. This website is a portal for the DIM Ecosystem, you will find information, news and downloads for the core players: HYBSE, WISE and DEPOTWALLET.

Besides working on the DIM Foundation website, our design and development teams are working on the redesign for HYBSE, as well as the upcoming WISE exchange. A very important step is the process of applying for financial licenses in different markets to frame our DIM Ecosystem in a fully legally compliant environment. So far we can report that these processes are all going as planned and we are looking forward to keeping you updated.

These days everybody is waiting for the DEPOTWALLT update. Unfortunately, we were a bit optimistic to say it will be online by the end of September. In addition to the graphic aspects, for us the most important element is the security aspect, here we need a little more time to correct minor errors. The promised update will now come within the next few days.

Please reach out with any questions. We are available at [email protected] and are happy to help.

DIMCOIN. Tomorrow. Today.

[email protected]