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2019/03/05 | HYBSE License! dash

Dear Community

We are proud to announce that the HYBSE Lesotho (PTY) Ltd. (HYBSE) has acquired the official clearing license from the Kingdom of Lesotho, which will accommodate settlements, clearings, custodians and money markets. This will allow participants to exchange and trade all fiat currencies and financial instruments from our advanced banking and exchange technology.

Clearing Agent License Number: A0313

The distributed ledger technology (DLT) and HYBSE technologies consolidates brokers, clearing houses, custodian escrows and settlements into one complete package. Compared to conventional financial structures, where multiple intermediaries, long intervals and extra fees are needed to complete a trade, the HYBSE offers a modern solution for traditional obstacles. The encrypted ledger uses digital currencies; backed by precious metals, as a legal tender on the exchange and manages post trading, pre-settlement and real-time goal settlements for individuals, corporations and countries.

HYBSE assumes the role of central equity custody and functions as central counter party, through which financial transactions between different parties are handled and cleared on a global scale.

As you are aware, HYBSE has always needed licensing and regulation conformity to fully function. The clearing license is better than we imagined and therefore, all internal focus will be directed towards the success of HYBSE Lesotho PTY.

What does this mean for the DIM Ecosystem?

A complete internal restructure has begun, the team realized that while a substantial amount of work and thought was put into all additional products of the DIM E, a more concentrated focus will be followed for HYBSE. Furthermore, all personnel will be directed towards HYBSE, going forward with the launch. The focus will deviate from the MAST, which continues to act as a starter-pack for new members coming into the DIM Ecosystem and is supported by our JV partners, GMEX and MINDEX.

What does this mean for HYBSE?

HYBSE will begin functioning as a business, and will, for the first time, be operating with the relevant approvals from the regulators and the central bank. Moving forward, there will be a change in our wording and stance for the direction of HYBSE.

What does this mean for investors?

Nothing has changed for investors and token holders. DIMCOIN will still act as a speculative coin of the DIM Ecosystem and HYBSE, and will be the only cryptocurrency used for fees on the trading platforms. DIM Token holders will have more opportunities to earn from transaction fees as HYBSE grows.

Due to the above information, the DIM Node Token (DNT) Airdrop will begin sooner than initially announced. The snapshot will take place on Wednesday, 13th March 12:00 noon, and the airdrop run over the following weekend.

Users are able to purchase DIM Tokens on DIM X during the escrow service optimisation period. Participants who wish to sell their DIM Tokens are encouraged to use the Official DIM Trading group on Telegram: A trusted escrow from our DIM Promoters group has already been established with an additional team member joining soon.

The HYBSE Official launch date is 20th March 2019, where the processing and review of users and companies will begin. Subsequently, equity for trading will be made available.

2019/02/24 | DIM Announcement dash

Our mission is to make the HYBSE software available as a global opportunity for all interested parties.

The possibilities are endless and there are many different regions which share a common goal towards a nature of decentralisation.

We are officially being issued an exchange license in Lesotho! Of which we are currently awaiting for the official documentation and will share it across all platforms.

This data exchange license is a license in which data exchange information is collateralised by equity and data ownership information is traded. This will establish both a coin exchange (HYBCU) and a commodity exchange (HYCO).

The coin exchange is planned to have the following listed denominations: DIMCOIN, Ð-USD, Ð-EUR, Ð-BTC, Ð-CNY/RMB and the commodities exchange will initially have ETF Diamonds and Kruger Gold. The listing fee for both exchanges will be 1 BTC and 1 million DIMCOIN (price may vary according to DIMCION market, usually equivalent to $5000)

We will be offering these exchanges to potential partners to operate and supervise — while we implement the infrastructure, software and regulations beforehand.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

2019/02/20 | MAST ATO IS LIVE! dash

MAST ATO is now live —

See the press release here: Please note that transactions can take up to 180 minutes to be completed.

We are pleased to announce that Grant Thorton LLP, the seventh largest accounting network in the world, was the evaluation reviewer for HYBSE Marketplace Ltd. As mentioned in a previous announcement, the combined equity evaluation of HM, GMEX and MINDEX totals to $787.3 million.

The official DIMCOIN Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel names will be changed to DIM Ecosystem. As the developments have grown since the DIMCOIN ICO, the DIM Ecosystem channels will encompass all product and service updates while maintaining the same community.

DIM X will now act as an escrow service for DIM Tokens with a 1% escrow fee. Users will be able to buy DIM Tokens at a fixed price made by the team, according to the DIM Token market activity. Users will only be able to sell their DIM Tokens if there is BTC available from previous or ongoing purchases.

The DIM Executive team supplied the initial amount of DIM Tokens from their personal investment during the ICO. The intention was always to bring a portion back to the community, mainly for marketing purposes.

For any questions or queries, kindly email [email protected]

*Grant Thornton have reviewed the valuation of GMEX Holdings Limited, MINDEX Holdings Limited and HYBSE Marketplace Limited as prepared by the management of GMEX Group Limited.

Grant Thornton have reviewed the valuation assumptions and workings and are satisfied with them. The review was based on management’s prepared forecasts based on its expertise and understanding of the businesses. Although Grant Thornton have performed a high-level review of the forecasts, with some of these businesses being early-stage operations, it should be noted that the forecast financials can be subject to ongoing changes and some level of uncertainty subject to the performance of each business.

The above should not be construed as investment advice; specifically Grant Thornton do not express any opinion on the suitability or otherwise of entering into any transaction in relation to GMEX Holdings Limited, MINDEX Holdings Limited or HYBSE Marketplace Limited

2019/02/18 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community,

The MAST website is now live for preview and can be found on the link — The following credentials are needed: Username: masteco Password: [email protected]@ble

Additional content will be uploaded moving forward.

The MAST Blueprint has been updated, changes to note are:

1. MAST has been re-branded as Multi Asset Stable Token — this and other changes were made due to conditions under our regulatory framework structure.
2. The DNT airdrop conditions have been adjusted as mentioned in a previous announcement.
3. Minor grammar and spelling corrections.

The DNT airdrop will take place Q2 2019, a fixed time and date will be published closer to the occasion.

We strongly encourage the community to comment and assist us further towards the finalization of the MAST Blueprint and website. Our goal is to include the community to a greater extent. The marketing is set to begin on Wednesday 20 February and we aim to have a complete and final version by then.

MiCrypto App is now on Google Play Store and can be found on the link —

After extensive research, we firmly believe that the app has the fastest transactional confirmations currently on the market where each transaction is accomplished in milliseconds.

We have heard the communities commentary and the HYBSE price list has been updated to accommodate the future use of DIMCOIN. The listing/registration and the annual membership fees are both US$5000, equivalent in DIMCOIN. The updated price list can be found on the link —

DIM Tokens can now be purchased on DIM-X using the following currencies:  — Ð-USD
 — Ð-EUR
 — BTC
 — XEM

The price will be $2.5 per DIM Token. This decision was based on the current trading prices, between $2 and $3. The price can change at any time.

DEPOTWALLET — the basic wallet has been removed, any users who still have a basic wallet will be directed to a guide on how to upgrade to a premium wallet. Additionally, a ticket support system has been added for more efficient support.

Now we need the help of all the blockchain communities to end this very cold and long crypto winter. Let’s pave the way for the new generation — crypto spring!

2019/02/12 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community

MiCrypto is fully uploaded and functioning and can be found on the link — A digital platform which enables users to buy, sell, store, exchange and transfer both fiat and DIM Currencies utilising blockchain technology. It uses API connections and a high-security standard system to provide a safe and secure environment for the public to conduct financial transactions. This is the first entry and exit point between digital and fiat monies within the DIM Ecosystem, in Africa.

With the highest level of security, we have successfully interconnected the two systems, MiCrypto and HYBSE. Through enormous effort and testing, we have created a highly secure system with over a dozen separate servers and additional failover servers. This system is protected to an international standard and penetration tests that were conducted revealed low levels of vulnerability.

The MiCrypto App will go live on Google PlayStore within 24 hours. The link will be provided with a later update.

We are thrilled to announce that one of the world’s leading international auditing and accounting firms, has reviewed the evaluation of HYBSE Marketplace Ltd to the value of $116.4 million. The combined equity evaluation of HM, GMEX and MINDEX totals to $787.3 million.

Additional updates to mention:

DIM ZAR, a new DIM Currency backed by precious metals and BTC, has been created and is the first stablecoin for South Africa. This development bolsters our progress towards integration in Southern Africa.

According to the Mauritian Financial Services Commission (FSC), the custodian digital licence for Mauritius will be available for application from the 1st of March 2019.

Chief Executive of the FSC, Harvesh Seegolan, stated: “The FSC is committed to implementing enabling frameworks which facilitate the development of the Mauritius IFC”

The conditions in the MAST Blueprint regarding the DIM Node Token airdrop has been changed to the conditions mentioned in the Medium post published on 11 February, thank you for all the feedback thus far.