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2019/02/10 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community,

As mentioned in the previous update, the HYBSE update and MiCrypto website has been finalized. Currently, the upload is taking place and will be live within 24 hours.

We have decided to fork onto the new NEM Catapult blockchain. A definition extracted from their official website:

“Catapult is a fully-fledged blockchain engine that can power both private and public networks with its unique smart contract plugins. These plugins enable bulletproof digital asset creation, decentralized swaps, advanced account systems ad business logic modelling”.

As a result, the thriving DIM Ecosystem grants the adoption of Catapult and is necessary in order to accommodate more in a short period of time. An achievable goal of processing a transaction in milliseconds whilst collection of transaction fees occurs simultaneously in the respective currency. Due to Catapult, the community has the opportunity to run the servers through nodes and, therefore, have created DIM Node Tokens(NT).

DIM NT award users with the right to operate a blockchain node, which houses the entire blockchain ledger and enables confirmations on the DIM Node Network. Each node is entitled to portions of the the total fees collected throughout the Ecosystem* and will run on the new DIM Internet Exchange network. Furthermore, DIM NT and DIM Token holders will be eligible for Senate, Congress and Minister positions in the DIM Govt.

As a thank you for the loyalty and faith you have kept, a commitment from the DIM Team to all DIM Token holders with more than 1000 DIM Tokens in an airdrop.

The conditions are as follows:

More than 1000 DIM Tokens = 1 x DIM NT totalling to 1000 DIM NT

More than 3000 DIM Tokens = 3 x DIM NT totalling to 9000 DIM NT

More than 5000 DIM Tokens = 5 x DIM NT totalling to 25000 DIM NT

The MAST is almost here, stay tuned.

*The portion of the total fees collected is not calculated on a gross amount, but rather after operational costs and governmental tax.

2019/02/08 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community,

In the past, our communication has been very quiet and we have kept our developments in silence. However, we have completed the full ecosystem package, envisioned in 2018 and is ready for revealment to the world. It is important to note that our first idea was to create a digital Stock Exchange and subsequently, fourteen products which support each other to bolster the ecosystem’s services and commerce. Most of our products are capable of white label and serve as entry points into the ecosystem, these products are easy to adapt for any country who are in favour to adopt the DIM Ecosystem.

White labelled software; DIM Global Exchange (DGX), Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE), Hybrid Art Exchange (HYBAE), Hybrid Coin Exchange (HYBCE) and multiple options such as commodities, sport etc. that are available. As HYBCE will be amongst the first, our primary focus on there will be the DIMCOIN, in terms of pairing and fees.

Our goals and aim is to have the community govern the ecosystem through insightful thought and a democratic government. The DIM GOVT. will comprise of TOKEN holders and DIM Node Token holders who posses governmental seats such as senatorial and congressional.

A DIM Node token will operate between an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and infrastructure consortiums, which creates “ the DIM Internet” which will reach the conventional internet through various gateways. Within this system, the node will run on the latest catapult protocol which will make the possibility of being hacked a tedious and difficult process, as we are creating a new gate-keeping internet whereby any user will be able to open a host name, website, email domain, communication (VoIP), virtual sim card, etc.

To continue, we have added new features to HYBSE, such as improved design, leading-edge security, advanced trading functionality and in addition, we are ready to launch one of our new products and services, MiCrypto.

MiCrypto is a digital platform which enables users to buy, sell, store, exchange and transfer both fiat and digital currencies utilising blockchain technology. It uses API connections and a high-security standard system to provide a safe and secure environment for the public to conduct financial transactions. Both the HYBSE update and MiCrypto will go live this Monday on the 12th of February. Please be aware that the servers will be down for maintenance until then.

As we have previously announced, our very own DIM Currency (Ð-USD) which is backed by gold is now available to trade on the Singapore based exchange, BITKER, with a daily trading volume of over one hundred million U.S dollars.

BITKER currently supports OTC trading, spot trading, and contact trading, in addition, BITKER gives investors the opportunity to trade our respective DIM Currencies (Ð-EUR, Ð-USD) for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and XEM. Furthermore, Ð-USD is now available for market observation on CoinGecko, this allows investors to keep track of the value, market capitalisation, currency rank, daily volume, and available markets for trading.

As promised, the latest HYBSE Marketplace Limited (HM) software version, funded by the DIMCOIN ICO, is now complete, with the possibility for it to be improved and updated as we advance. We are ready to begin setting up new offices and hardware infrastructure under the regulation of Mauritius and in collaboration with the FSC (Financial Securities Committee). Additionally, in regards to DIMPAY, we now have over 40 accepted vendors with our merchant list growing each week alongside three gold exchange points that have been finalized.

Considering all of the above, and more, the community can look forward to a first of its kind kick-starter on Monday, called the MAST.

2018/10/28 | DIM Foundation Releases Its
Mobile Wallet for Android OS!

The beta version of DIMWALLET has been released! This means that you can now store all your DIM cryptonized-equities and XEM assets on your mobile device for easy access. DIMWALLLET can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here. It is currently available only on Android. An iOs version of the application will follow in due course. We encourage the community to review and give feedback on the DIMWALLET app.

Below is the description of the application available on Google Play:


The DIMWALLET allows you to send and receive your DIM cryptonized-equities. Store and manage your DIMCOIN, DIM TOKEN, DIM Currencies, XEM and any other NEM based mosaics in one secure place. It’s a 100% open source mobile application, with storage and signing so your key or password is never sent over the internet.

Main Features:

  • Import wallet with private key or scan your private key QR code
  • Import wallet from .wlt file (for existing and Nanowallet accounts)
  • Create a new wallet if you don’t already have one
  • Manage multiple wallets on the same app
  • Store multiple NEM based mosaics in one wallet
  • Easily send mosaics with QR code from recipient (No need to type long addresses)
  • Create a QR code to receive funds from another person (Invoicing)
  • Store all regular addresses in your address book to easily send funds
  • View all your past and incoming transactions
  • Easily share your address via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or other IM apps
  • Export your wallet file for backup
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Bio-metric access to your app

The DIMWALLET is based on the open source NEM wallet ( More Information:



Disclaimer: The DIMWALLET app is still in development. Although it has been extensively tested, the DIMCOIN team is not responsible for any malfunctions or loss of funds. Use at your own risk!

Additional Information

Version: 1.3.3 Beta

Size: 7.2 MB

Required Android: 6.0+


NEMAndroidApp — NEM Android Wallet Application

2018/10/19 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community,

Verification email concerns have been addressed. Our dedicated IP address is currently being warmed up, this means that it is in the process of gaining reputation and may result in some emails being delivered into the spam folder. Should this happen, kindly assist us in positively increasing the reputation by marking it as “Not Spam”.

We have found security risks associated with social media registrations and these options will be completely removed for added protection. If you have already registered using a social media profile, kindly select the “forgot password” option and enter the email address linked to that social media account. After which, an email will be sent to you to create a new password and you will then be able to log in via that email address. Alternatively, you can create a new account.

For any bugs, errors, issues or general feedback, kindly email [email protected] For any questions, queries or suggestions, kindly email [email protected]