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The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem. It is an organization that produces and creates two different kinds of cryptocurrencies, the DIMCOIN and the DIM Currencies (together: “DIM”). It initiates and launches Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) and issues the DIM TOKENs. Furthermore, it also allocates DIM to the entities forming the DIM Ecosystem in accordance with the respective Whitepapers.

Its functions also include the digitization of assets and the creation of future products and services under the DIM copyrights. All profits received by the DIM Foundation will be utilized to further improve the DIM Ecosystem in order to increase the acceptance, use and value of the DIM on a global scale.


In the future, a progressively increasing number of people from all over the world are going to use digital-currencies as a means of payment. This is particularly true for countries where people do not even have bank accounts. But, even in the more developed world, the transfer of FIAT currencies is currently burdensome, time consuming and expensive. The DIM Currencies, however, facilitate a worldwide real-time transfer of payment means on a low cost basis. Since the DIM Currencies are linked to the value of the respective FIAT currencies which are mentioned in the denomination of the DIM Currencies, the exchange risk in case of acceptance is limited to that of the respective FIAT currencies.

The DIMCOIN, which is a speculative cryptocurrency, has the potential to increase its value and to substantially contribute to the wealth of its owners. The value of the DIMCOIN depends on the number of people investing in it. The more people purchase the DIMCOIN, in particular, in exchange for Bitcoin, Etherium or other tradable cryptocurrencies, the more the value of it increases.

In addition to traditional payment systems, the DIM Currencies may be used for trading in virtual shares, commodities and other assets. For the time being in the world of trading today, the buying and selling of listed shares in even strongly developing countries is limited. For example, buying shares in listed companies in India on an exchange outside India is restricted or even impossible, e.g. in Frankfurt. These restrictions will no longer exist as soon as stocks are virtualized and associated with digital currencies. The DIM Ecosystem facilitates the exchange of securities, commodities and other assets into digitalized assets, and provides for platforms which allow the trading in such digitalized assets.

Besides this, the DIM Foundation pays great importance and attention to transparency, usability and security (e.g. block chain technology) as well as the fulfilment of regulatory standards worldwide to the extent applicable.

The DIM Foundation is also engaged in charity. It invests mainly in the field of education of people from less developed countries.


The DIM Foundation’s vision is that the DIM becomes the pre-dominant payment means worldwide, accepted by a global and wide network of points-of-acceptance for all kinds of goods and services. Furthermore, nearly everybody shall have the chance to invest in intrinsic values like stocks, bonds, gold, diamonds and other commodities, but also in intellectual property rights, like soccer, football and other sport professionals, art and race horses, and to participate in the value increase of such assets to which currently only wealthy people have access to. The DIM Foundation and the DIM Ecosystem will provide for exchanges that facilitate the digitalization and, thereby, fractionalization of all of these assets in to pieces affordable for everybody. The digitalized assets will be made tradable globally at real-time and for affordable costs on platforms operated by companies belonging to the DIM Ecosystem. It is our vision to contribute to the worldwide welfare of mankind by offering these new facilities and systems.


The new Hybrid Stock Exchange Trailer is now available on

We have created an opportunity for users or issuers to join the pre-registration list before the launch of the landing page. The community is encouraged to share this trailer and spread the word
of the upcoming landing page.

For any additional information, email [email protected] or follow any of our DIMCOIN social media platforms:


As mentioned last week, the DEPOTWALLET version 1.5.1 is now
live. The Safari browser is now operational and users should have
no problems with using DEPOTWALLET from an Apple device.

The HYBSE video trailer has over 50 000 views with more coming
every day. A positive response can be seen from the community and
new members. Since the pre-registration was opened, we have seen
almost 400 users and over 20 issuers apply. The issuers will be sent
an email to apply for their IBIN.

Due to popular demand, the HYBSE blueprint is now complete and
issuers can view the requirements needed for listing on the Hybrid
Stock Exchange. The short version looks like this:

The longer, more detailed version is available upon request by an

Regarding exchanges, the voting to get DIMCOIN onto Bit-Z will be-
gin tomorrow. Bit-Z has a daily volume of over $200 million and is
ranked in the top 10 exchanges on Coinmarketcap, above Polionex
and Bittrex. For this, we encourage and ask the community to help
us get here by voting and spreading the word to get more people to
participate. We have only one week to get 2,000,000 Vote coins with
each person being limited to 1000 Vote coins.

If by the end of the week, we reach the goal, then 5 000 000 DIM-
COIN will be split between the participants. If not, everyone will get
their Vote coins returned to them.

We have hired an additional team member for the listing depart-
ment to help get DIMCOIN onto more exchanges. This team mem-
ber will work directly with our listing expert.

The Ambassador applications have been re-opened. This decision
was made due to an expected increase in interest for HYBSE. Anyo-
ne is welcome to apply on the DIM Foundation website


Furthermore, the Chief Ambassador Officer (CAO) for the region of
South America is still open. This position stands as the highest-ran-
king Ambassador for that region, and their primary responsibilities
include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall
operations and resources of the other Ambassadors in that region,
and acting as the main point of communication between the DIM
Foundation and corporate operations. The CAO will be responsible
for coordinating meetings with ambassadors coming up with cam-
paign ideas and ways to get companies to list onto HYBSE.

To apply for the CAO position, kindly email [email protected]

The new Hybrid Stock Exchange Trailer is now available on

We have created an opportunity for users or issuers to join the
pre-registration list before the launch of the landing page. The
community is encouraged to share this trailer and spread the word
of the upcoming landing page.

For any additional information, email [email protected] or fol-
low any of our DIMCOIN social media platforms:



This week’s update brings the release of DEPOTWALLET version 1.5.0. This new version includes bug fixes and
added features to our ever developing blockchain wallet.

Bugs/Issues Resolved

Changed the NEM Explorer link to DIM Explorer for viewing transactions
Directing Mac OS users to Chrome or Firefox rather than Safarai
Placing the select bar on the bottom of the Transfer button rather than the top
“Account” and “Wallet Name” button has been combined into one “Account” button
Fixed the information dialog for password requirements
Users can no longer click on the “Create Premium Wallet” or “Continue” button without filling in the preceding
Added the correct password text on the password icon when creating an account
Features Added

The “Purge” button has been added to the bottom right of the DEPOTWALLET homepage. Users can use this button
to delete the local storage of wallets. (Always back up before doing this!)
Mouse entropy integration for added security when creating a wallet
Others news includes:

The search for ambassadors has been successful and to continue that success, we have opened a Chief Ambassador
Officer (CAO) position for the region of South America. The community and members are encouraged to spread the
search of a new South American CAO. Apply by downloading the online form here:

Lastly, the free, limited-time offer for companies registering to get their IBIN will be limited to 75 companies limited
to the 31st August. The quality and due diligence process can currently accept around 25 companies per month. We
look forward to increasing this number in the future as time as time goes on.

As always, we thank the community for their support and patience.

IBIN is now live

IBIN, International Blockshare Identification Number, is now available on

Free registration for companies until 31st August.

Be sure to join our social media platforms for discussions about the DIM Ecosystem and what’s to come:

Telegram Official Group:
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