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The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem. It is an organization that produces and creates two different kinds of cryptocurrencies, the DIMCOIN and the DIM Currencies (together: “DIM”). It initiates and launches Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) and issues the DIM TOKENs. Furthermore, it also allocates DIM to the entities forming the DIM Ecosystem in accordance with the respective Whitepapers.

Its functions also include the digitization of assets and the creation of future products and services under the DIM copyrights. All profits received by the DIM Foundation will be utilized to further improve the DIM Ecosystem in order to increase the acceptance, use and value of the DIM on a global scale.


In the future, a progressively increasing number of people from all over the world are going to use digital-currencies as a means of payment. This is particularly true for countries where people do not even have bank accounts. But, even in the more developed world, the transfer of FIAT currencies is currently burdensome, time consuming and expensive. The DIM Currencies, however, facilitate a worldwide real-time transfer of payment means on a low cost basis. Since the DIM Currencies are linked to the value of the respective FIAT currencies which are mentioned in the denomination of the DIM Currencies, the exchange risk in case of acceptance is limited to that of the respective FIAT currencies.

The DIMCOIN, which is a speculative cryptocurrency, has the potential to increase its value and to substantially contribute to the wealth of its owners. The value of the DIMCOIN depends on the number of people investing in it. The more people purchase the DIMCOIN, in particular, in exchange for Bitcoin, Etherium or other tradable cryptocurrencies, the more the value of it increases.

In addition to traditional payment systems, the DIM Currencies may be used for trading in virtual shares, commodities and other assets. For the time being in the world of trading today, the buying and selling of listed shares in even strongly developing countries is limited. For example, buying shares in listed companies in India on an exchange outside India is restricted or even impossible, e.g. in Frankfurt. These restrictions will no longer exist as soon as stocks are virtualized and associated with digital currencies. The DIM Ecosystem facilitates the exchange of securities, commodities and other assets into digitalized assets, and provides for platforms which allow the trading in such digitalized assets.

Besides this, the DIM Foundation pays great importance and attention to transparency, usability and security (e.g. block chain technology) as well as the fulfilment of regulatory standards worldwide to the extent applicable.

The DIM Foundation is also engaged in charity. It invests mainly in the field of education of people from less developed countries.


The DIM Foundation’s vision is that the DIM becomes the pre-dominant payment means worldwide, accepted by a global and wide network of points-of-acceptance for all kinds of goods and services. Furthermore, nearly everybody shall have the chance to invest in intrinsic values like stocks, bonds, gold, diamonds and other commodities, but also in intellectual property rights, like soccer, football and other sport professionals, art and race horses, and to participate in the value increase of such assets to which currently only wealthy people have access to. The DIM Foundation and the DIM Ecosystem will provide for exchanges that facilitate the digitalization and, thereby, fractionalization of all of these assets in to pieces affordable for everybody. The digitalized assets will be made tradable globally at real-time and for affordable costs on platforms operated by companies belonging to the DIM Ecosystem. It is our vision to contribute to the worldwide welfare of mankind by offering these new facilities and systems.


DIMCOIN Releases its rolling Bounty Campaign.

This quarter DIMCOIN introduces its first ongoing Bounty Campaign, seeing participants from all spheres of
expertise applying their skills and abilities to the development of the DIM and DIM Ecosystem.

This exciting incentivised bounty will see the DIM Community pull together to assist in a range of departments,
from coding to creative, where they can use their skills and talents to earn DIMCOIN — with a quarterly 1BTC prize
for the best developments.

There are strict rules and responsibilities for each participant, so it’s important to ensure you follow the guidelines
very carefully. To find out more about our various bounties and their incentives, visit
php? and follow the guidelines laid out for participants.

We welcome our bounty participants for the upcoming year, and are excited to hear from you.

DIMCOIN: The Journey Continues

As we witnessed last year the crypto market, of over 1000 cryptocurrencies reached an awe-inspiring total market
capitalization of $60 billion as of September 2017. It then reached 10 times that, in just two months, to $600 billion!
This motivates us all to keep moving forward and working to make the DIM Ecosytem a reality.

On that note, there are a few updates:

Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) progress is going according to plan. We estimate it is 40% completed and are
satisfied with the development so far. All of the software developers through-out the world are having a general
meeting this month for the first time. A selected group of developers are currently going for further blockchain
development training.

The journey for exchanges is still ongoing with a lot of effort put into getting DIMCOIN listed. With our recent
GitHub update and the explorer almost finished, it will greatly benefit us with implementing DIMCOIN on the
exchanges that we have previously talked to. Our past experience has shown us that we need to crawl before we
walk. We have recently listed on Iquant as well.

DIM Ambassadors have been narrowed down to 32 applicants and the due diligence selection process is underway.
This can take a while because we need to be sure with whom we are entrusting with our Brand. DIM Ambassadors
will be the voice of DIMCOIN in their respective countries, promoting its vision and securing companies interested
in being listed.

DIM Promoters have been chosen and have begun their work with more to follow as we finalize our approach.
DIMCOIN participants are encouraged to join the Telegram group of their language if they need specific assistance.
Kindly let us know if you would like a new language to be added to the list.

Wise Consulting had a productive meeting in Dubai regarding their SRO license last week in Switzerland.
We have begun the process of selecting a DIMCOIN presenter that will be giving updates via vlogs and Youtube.

As we get closer to the completion of HYBSE, we will be looking to garner interest from more and more companies
to participate. There is a listing incentive if anyone can secure a company being listed — and DIMCOIN will be offe-
ring 0.1% of the company’s listing market value as this incentive.

Monday’s AMAs will no longer be taking place, there will be a new weekly update to keep the community informed.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the DIM Community for their patience. 2018 will be the year that many will
remember as the rise of DIMCOIN.

DIM Announces Open Source Tools for Developers and Exchanges

The DIM Ecosystem has integrated the GitHub development platform where open source codes can be reviewed,
projects managed and software can be built alongside millions of other developers, all under the MIT license. This
is a further step towards transparency, where programmers can develop for DIM, on an open-sourced version-
control platform.

DIM CLI (Command Line Interface) is developed to facilitate the integration of payment processes for DIMCOIN
transactions. DIM Community Developers and exchanges can make use of the new Software Development Kit
(SDK) to build applications and integrations for the DIM Ecosystem.

The DIM CLI simplifies the listing of DIMCOIN for exchanges. Exchanges as well as developers can easily make use
of this SDK to monitor addresses and create transactions on the NEM Blockchain for DIM assets. The SDK aims to
provide an easy to use Command Line Tool Suite for the DIM Ecosystem, suitable for exchanges and the integration
of DIM assets into third-party software.

Link to GitHub:
Feel free to contribute wherever you think you can help, DIMCOIN bounties will be forthcoming. #DIMlovers are much appreciated!

Milestone — First TOKEN Payout Complete

The DIM TOKEN holders’ first payouts went smoothly last week as 6820 participants received their rewards which
ended on Saturday, 3rd of February. A total of 1961699 DIMCOIN were successfully distributed.

As stated in our Whitepaper, 50+ TOKEN holders received their first monthly share of the 30% net transaction fees
completed within the DIM Ecosystem. A vote amongst TOKEN holders is going to be undertaken as to whether this
should be done monthly or quarterly once we have established the voting system. The next payout will be end of

The advantage of a quarterly payout are reduced transaction costs, i.e. greater returns. The TOKEN holders will
have the opportunity to vote after the next payout. Low transaction volumes dictate low accumulated fees without
HYBSE up and running. DIMCOIN has decided to allow optimisation of distribution to TOKEN holders by reducing
the frequency of payouts until transactions in the DIM Ecosystem increase.

As the interest in DIMCOIN gains momentum, and the developments of the Hybrid Stock Exchange become ack-
nowledged, the amount of transactions and general use of DIMCOIN will continue to increase accordingly — further
rewarding TOKEN holders.

For now, we thank the DIM Community for the support and positivity you have shown through the development of
our Ecosystem, and look forward to taking the first steps of this long journey with you.

Be a DIMCOIN Promoter

DIMCOIN is looking for Promoters from our community! Are you active on Social Media and believe in DIMCOIN?
Would you like to help spread the word about this amazing ecosystem? Then this is perfect for you.

We have both part-time and full-time contracts available, where you can earn DIMCOIN and Bitcoin simply by
being an active DIMCOIN member. You can find the contracts on the DIM Foundation website — on the second and third page of the “Downloads” section.

Duties include promoting DIMCOIN to all relevant social medias, helping new people understand the ecosystem,
and sharing, reposting and liking all of DIMCOINs posts and announcements. Full-time participants have the
opportunity to create and manage a DIMCOIN Telegram group in their respective language as well as being an
admin in the forthcoming DIM Foundation Forum.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the contracts and apply here:

Our values motivate each of our endeavors.


We continue to show that we value your trust, so our services have no hidden costs.


We believe that centralization of money supply leads to corruption and exploitation.


We offer security through the use of the blockchain protocol, ensuring safety of your data.



Participate in the annual planning process for DIM Foundation.


Receive access to exclusive discounts for foundation partner events and products.


Receive a yearly members-only operational update report.



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Become a recognised figure in the DIM Ecosystem.


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